Phone, Keys, Honibe: New, Improved Honey Drops From PEI… An On-The-Go Must-Have

Honibe Honey Drops (CNW Group/Honibe®)

The company’s first-ever released product, now new and improved! Prince Edward Island’s Honibe is highlighting for health seekers worldwide the sweet benefits of carrying their newly-improved Honey Drops this season.

First presented on Dragon’s Den, Honibe Honey Drops have not only gone national and international, but they have also been interstellar as they were once packed and carried into space by Canada’s favourite singing astronaut, Chris Hadfield.

Honey Drops contain half a teaspoon of pure Canadian honey each, with no added sugars, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or fillers; making them a mess-free way to enjoy honey from anywhere. Honibe’s scientifically researched patented technology turns liquid honey into solid while still retaining its sweetness and natural health benefits.

“We are receiving amazing feedback from consumers! Aside from great reviews, people are also sharing how they use the product – from the most common “as a sweetener” to “something that keeps me going in marathons”.  Everyone knows the benefits of honey; this product also delivers on the consumers’ need for convenience,” says Eins Mutuc, Director of Marketing at Honibe.

While harnessing the natural immuno-boosts of honey, Honibe Honey Drops make for tasty added nutrients to kids’ lunches for school, sweet snacking for hikes, camping and other outdoor excursions plus natural sugaring for everyday hot beverages like tea or coffee. These drops serve as an overall simple way to control and indulge in sweet cravings while replacing the use of more refined sugars. They’re also easy to carry or store in any desk drawer, bag, pocket or console.

Honibe Honey Drops are available now in health and wellness aisles in stores and online. Buzz on over to now for your next pack. Plus, follow along with the latest products, tips and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Honibe.

This article is sponsored by: Honibe Honey Drops


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