Penetanguishene Residents Spread Joy Through Creative Expression


Every day town of Penetanguishene staff is amazed by the talent of local residents. This week staff has received two good news stories that have brought smiles and joy to staff and hopefully members of the community.

Earlier this week, the Water Department staff came across a “SMILE” reminder carved in the snow near the local arena. What originated as a class assignment has turned out to be a work of art. The young artist, “G” is thrilled by everyone who has honked, stopped to take photos, and enjoyed her creation!

A couple of days ago, another resident reached out to submit a poem that they had written in hopes to bring joy in light of our current stay-at-home order. This poet would like to stay anonymous.

There’s something about this lockdown that’s eerie.

I’ve just had enough; I’m tired and weary.

The stores are all closed and the staff have gone home,

Like they’ve gone into hiding and live under a dome.

We’ve been asked to stay put

And to all do our bit.

While trying to stay active

And trying to stay fit.

Some go to the sandpit and slide down the hill.

On their sleds and toboggans – wow, what a thrill.

Their hands and their fingers are cold from the snow,

It gets down in their boots and freezes their toes.

The arena is closed, so there’s no where to skate.

The kids are upset, but they’ll just have to wait.

Winterama and hockey this year are out.

Wait till next year while you sit home and pout.

I’m tired of puzzles and Netflix too,

‘Cause I’ve seen all the good stuff and there’s nothing that’s new.

People are grumpy and everyone’s blue,

‘Cause there’s no where to go and not much to do.

For me, I stay busy out in my shop,

Building bird feeders from wood that I bought.

They’re now in the woods, hung on tree trunks with care,

In hopes the blue jays will see that they’re there.

So when you feel down and there’s nothing to do,

And you want to get out from the lockdown blues.

Get out in the woods and go for a walk,

And watch for the birds.  You might see a few!

*Note: Winterama is fully virtual this year: Visit www.winterama for more details.


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