Ontario Greens Say They Will Increase Housing Supply In Parry-Sound Muskoka By Expanding Zoning Options


Ontario Green Leader Mike Schreiner was in Bracebridge with Ontario Green candidate for Parry-Sound Muskoka Matt Richter today to highlight the Ontario Greens’ plan to significantly increase housing supply by expanding zoning options in residential areas.

“I’ve spent the morning meeting with local residents and their voices are clear: there is a housing crisis in Parry-Sound Muskoka, plain and simple,” Schreiner said. “And it’s being driven by a lack of supply. That’s why Ontario Greens will give residents more housing choices by making it easier to build duplexes and triplexes and add secondary suites.”

“If we want to solve the housing crisis, we need to build more homes.

“And we can do it in a way that protects nature and the environment. It’s about creating livable and affordable communities that work for everyone,” Schreiner said.

Currently, zoning prevents the development of duplexes and triplexes in residential areas.

Ontario Greens will change that by updating the Planning Act to allow a minimum of duplex and triplex construction as-of-right in all residentially zoned areas. Ontario Greens will also streamline the process and provide low-interest loans for individuals or families to add more affordable units like secondary suites.

“It’s a win-win,” Schreiner commented. “Both for renters to provide more affordable options and for homeowners to help pay off their mortgage.”

Communities across the Parry-Sound Muskoka region are neck-deep in a housing affordability crisis that is unfortunately only getting worse. In Huntsville for example, houses are selling for 30 to 40 per cent more than they were a year ago.

“I hear it every day from members of the community: housing affordability is the number one issue in this region,” Richter said. “The people of Parry-Sound Muskoka deserve better. And Ontario Greens are committed to tackling the situation head on with smart policy decisions.”

The housing shortage is impacting local businesses too, as workers struggle to find an affordable place to live in the area.

“The effects of the housing crisis here are severe and far-reaching,” remarked Richter.

“Everyone deserves to live in a safe, affordable place they can call home and in the neighbourhoods they want to live in.” Schreiner concluded. “And Ontario Greens have the innovative solutions to make that happen. Enough with the talk, it’s time for action.”

In addition to expanding zoning options, Ontario Greens will build 100,000 affordable rental homes across the province, create 60,000 supportive housing units and implement a province-wide vacant homes tax.

Please find more on the Ontario Greens’ housing strategy on the GPO website.


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