NNDSB Grad Rate Tops Of Northeastern Ontario English Public Boards


Near North District School Board (NNDSB) is proud to share that its four- and five-year graduation rates are the highest among English public school boards in northeastern Ontario.

These positive results show that NNDSB’s steadfast commitment to student achievement and well-being as outlined in the multi-year strategic plan’s (MYSP) strategic priorities of excellence in teaching and learning is paying dividends.

NNDSB has prioritized student achievement by creating engaging programs with a focus on innovation and generating new and exciting opportunities for students to realize academic success.

This focus has opened different pathways for student success through fulsome programming in the trades, arts and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), affording students unique opportunities for future success and helping to mold them into well-rounded citizens.

“In our prioritization of student achievement and well-being the Board has had to make difficult sacrifices and tough decisions to support the creation of innovative opportunities and learning spaces for students. The graduation rate is evidence that this commitment has paid off. The Board commends all staff for their dedication to making NNDSB students their top priority,” Board Chair Jay Aspin said.

As of 2021, the four-year graduation rate for NNDSB’s 2016-2017 Grade 9 cohort is 76.8% and 82.5% for the five-year graduation rate. NNDSB acknowledges there is still much work to be done to ensure all students can fully realize their academic goals, and the Board is encouraged by these results and remains committed to the goals set out in the MYSP.

“We are proud of our graduating students and commend them on their hard work to achieve personalized success. This success is also thanks to the support of staff, parents, caregivers, families and community partners, the Board thanks them for their commitment. It’s clear that our prioritization of student achievement and well-being above all else is working and we will continue to put the needs of NNDSB students first,” said Director of Education Craig Myles.


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