New Dempster’s Signature Bagels Hit Grocery Store Shelves

Dempster's Signature Bagel Family (CNW Group/Bimbo Dempster's)

In five craveable flavours, the Signature lineup offers a satisfying twist on a classic, inspired by  Canadians and their bagel truths

This National Bagel Day, Dempster’s is on a mission to inspire Canadians to discover innovative, unique, and truly enjoyable bagel flavours. A national survey* commissioned by the brand uncovered that more than three-quarters (84%) of Canadians are bagel eaters. Yet it appears there’s a hankering for something extra; almost half (47%) want to try more interesting bagel flavours, but can’t find them at the grocery store. Dempster’s Signature Bagels answer this call, in five mouth watering varieties.

Canadians coast-to-coast went on to reveal their bagel truths: more than one third of bagel consumers (37%) are getting bored with the typical bagel flavours, while one in seven Canadians would love to try new flavours with simple, delicious ingredients. It’s also true that everyone has their own signature bagel flavour profile, and for a large majority (79%), it’s a tossup between sweet, salty, classic and new-age flavours.

That’s where the new Dempster’s Signature Bagel lineup comes in; it meets the need for a little something extra on the days when a simple sesame seed just isn’t enough to curb cravings at the kitchen table. The latest flavour innovations available to Canadians include:

  • Four Cheese: baked with a premium blend of real cheeses including parmesan, asiago, cheddar and mozzarella to take a classic bagel into a new age.
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Flavour: made with real bananas and luscious chocolate flavour, topped with delicious oats for an indulgent experience.
  • Parmesan Garlic and Herb Flavour: made with delicious parmesan flavour and garlic, baked with real herbs for a truly savoury bagel.
  • Blueberry Flavour: packed with the sweet and delicious blueberry taste that Canadians crave.
  • Maple French Toast Flavour: truly Canadian, the taste of maple comes to life with warm cinnamon flavour in every bite.

As for a final bagel truth, more than half (54%) of Canadians wish they didn’t have to go out to grab a specialty bagel. With premium ingredients and flavours, Dempster’s Signature Bagels will help Canadians indulge in their own unique cravings, right at home, no matter the time of day they choose to answer the call of the bagel!

Available at most grocery retailers across Canada this National Bagel Day, Dempster’s invites Canadians to try every flavour and share their indulgent and delicious signature bagel experiences on social by tagging @dempstersbakery with #WhatsYourSignature and #MadeByCanada**.


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