New Area Codes In Ontario Including 683 For The 705

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Two additional area codes will be introduced in Ontario in 2022.

The new 753 area code will be introduced starting March 26, 2022 in the regions currently served by area codes 343 and 613.

The new 683 area code will be introduced starting June 18, 2022 in the regions currently served by area codes 249 and 705.

The introduction of these new area codes are the result of decisions by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and are  intended to meet the continuously growing demand for new telephone numbers.

“The introduction of a new area code creates millions of additional telephone numbers without affecting the existing numbers,” said Kelly T. Walsh, Program Manager of the Canadian Numbering Administrator. “The new area codes will be added where  the current area codes are already in use in the affected regions in Ontario.”

Once the new area codes 753 and 683 are  introduced in March and June 2022., residents  and businesses requesting a new phone number may receive one with the new area code. Numbers with the new area code will only be assigned  once there is no longer a sufficient supply of numbers with the existing area codes.

The introduction of a new area code in a region does not affect the geographic boundaries for local calling areas or the way long distance calls are dialed. Special numbers such as 211, 311, 411, 611 and 911 will not be affected and will still be dialed using only three digits.

The 613 area code was introduced in 1947 and the 705 area code was created in 1957.  Over the years, increasing demand for telephone numbers – particularly for wireless services – created a need for additional numbers to serve customers in the province. In response to this increasing demand, the area code 343 was added in 2010 to serve the regions covered by area code 613 and the area code 249 was introduced in 2011 to serve the regions covered by the area code 705.

Canada’s major communications service providers have joined forces to develop a communications campaign informing the public about the introduction of new area codes in certain calling areas.  For more information about new area codes in Canada, please visit


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