Muskoka Bears Jr. C Hockey Club Gearing Up For Inaugural 2024 Season


From: Muskoka Bears Jr. C Hockey Club

A proud moment in the history of Junior C Hockey in Bracebridge occurred this past
Sunday with the payment of the franchise fee to Commissioner Terry Whiteside, the Bears
were officially welcomed into the 62 team strong Provincial Junior Hockey League

As a member of the eight team North Carruthers Division strong rivalries will soon be
created with nearby teams including Huntsville, Orillia, Midland, Alliston, Stayner,
Penetang and Innisfil.

The Bears are a not-for-profit, community funded and managed organization –
replicating a highly successful model within the PJHL.

A 13 member committee have a financial investment in the franchise.

Sponsors, donors and fans will be relied upon to provide 100% of the funding
necessary to operate the team.

To date, stimulated by creative, inclusive marketing initiatives and incredible community interest and participation $70,000 has been raised. A similar amount committed over the next few months will guarantee a successful 1st year launch.

The Bears hit the ice in September ’24 – exciting times and sporting memories are
ahead for hockey fans in Muskoka!

Stay tuned for regular updates.


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