Most Popular Dog Names In Canada For 2022


Your cat or dog’s name is more than just what you call them—it’s also the feelings it evokes as you say it. A name has significant meaning, and the names we choose for our pets often reflect the things that matter most to us. Whether they showcase our passions and interests or reflect what’s happening in the world around us, 2022 saw a lot of new cats and dogs, and (unsurprisingly) a lot of new pet names.

To better understand the meaning behind these names and what they can tell us about the people, places, and stories that defined the past year, we took a deep dive into their database of pet parents on Rover to reveal the most popular pet names of 2022.

They uncovered everything from ever-popular pet names to the most well-known names by rank, as well as some truly unique names we can’t get enough of. Let’s dig in!


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