Midland Resident Celebrates $100,000 Win With The Big Spin


Congratulations to Kandice Gignac of Midland for winning $100,000 with THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game.

Kandice, who works in health care, occasionally picks up a lottery ticket when out and about, but this ticket was received as a birthday present, and what a gift it would end up being. “I went to the store to see what my SPIN prize would be, hoping to win $20,” she shared while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. “When the screen said ‘BIG SPIN WINNER’ I was excited, but still unsure of what I won. I was shocked to learn the minimum prize was $100,000!”

Surrounded by family and friends, the time for Kandice to spin the wheel had come. “It was heavier than I thought, but I had watched videos of past winner’s spins and was prepared. It was so nice to see everyone’s smiling faces as they cheered me on. I was so focused was present in the moment. It’s wonderful to be going home with $100,000!”

“I always said if I win, we are going on a trip! While I will take some time to settle into my win, it will be lots of fun planning a trip to celebrate,” she concluded.

THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game is an exciting $5 game that combines popular scratch play with prizes revealed in-store by an animated spinning wheel on the lottery terminal screen and potentially, an in-person spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game has three fun ways to win:

  1. SCRATCH – To win an instant cash prize of $5 to $100,000 or a SPIN prize.
  2. WATCH – If the prize won is SPIN, visit any OLG retail location to validate the ticket and watch the animated wheel spin on the lottery terminal screen. Every “SPIN” is a guaranteed win! SPIN prizes range from $10 to $10,000 or a BIG SPIN.
  3. SPIN – If the animated wheel stops on “BIG SPIN,” the prize won is an actual spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre for a guaranteed prize of $100,000 to $500,000!

The winning ticket was purchased at Convenience + on King Street in Midland.


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