Mayoral Candidate Tim Withey Announces Ongoing Commitment To Residents Of Huntsville


Today, Mayoral candidate Tim Withey announced his commitment to the residents of Huntsville if successful in his bid to win Huntsville’s top job on voting day – October 24, 2022.

“Since calling Huntsville my home over 34 years ago, I have had the privilege of serving on both town and district councils, in addition to volunteering on dozens of not-for-profit boards,” said Tim Withey.  “My journey has been punctuated with thousands of interactions and experiences. This has given me a deep appreciation and understanding of our town, its people, our strengths and the challenging times which lie ahead,” Withey added.

Recently, Withey and his campaign team conducted an extensive polling process to get an even greater clarity on the issues of importance to the citizens of Huntsville.  Those polled identified five priorities which Withey has centered his campaign commitments around.

Housing – Affordability and Attainability

The increase in new residents to Huntsville, coupled with the tightness of our home inventory, has caused prices to soar and attainability to be a real challenge for many families needing housing. This is a critical matter, and Withey commits to simplifying smart housing development here in Huntsville.  “We need to minimize the roadblocks faced by affordable housing development, while at the same time maintaining environmental and fiscal policies,” said Withey

Our Hospital – Build New and Maintain All Services

The recent announcement by the Premier to build two new hospitals (one in Huntsville and one in Bracebridge) was welcome news. However, the process ahead is far from straightforward.  Having advocated for healthcare for 28 years now, Withey understands the planning cycle ahead, the role of the Ministry (including its bureaucracy) and the multi consultations that MAHC will be engaged in over the years ahead.  “I firmly believe that this depth of experience is a necessary asset for Huntsville’s next mayor to have if we are to succeed in the long run,” added Withey.

The Environment – Steward and Invest

As a graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies, the environment has been a priority for Withey.  As Mayor of Huntsville, Withey plans on ensuring that the wellbeing of the environment is at the forefront of every decision that he, and Council, makes.  “We will continue to adopt sustainable technologies and new approaches to reducing the town’s carbon footprint while saving money,” said Withey.

Managing our Taxpayers Money

If elected Mayor in October, Withey also commits to ensuring that the towns finances are managed well.   He believes that the taxpayer is the customer, and our culture must reflect this in everything they do.  “As current Town Councilor and Chair of Corporate Services, I have worked hard this term to monitor overall spending and to manage the town portion of the annual tax levy increase to less than 2 per cent each year,” said Withey. “This is a substantial improvement, over an almost 7 per cent increase, prior to my involvement in 2018.”

Infrastructure – Improve

Climate change and the increasing frequency of storm activity in Huntsville has taken a toll on town infrastructure (roads, bridges and culverts).  “Huntsville must upgrade, rebuild and properly maintain these assets using new techniques, engineering and products to minimize the impact of increasingly unpredictable climate events,” said Withey.  “We must undertake a full assessment of municipal infrastructure to ensure that a coherent study with a corresponding ‘improve and maintain’ strategy is put into place.”


To learn more about Tim Withey, his experience and commitments, visit  Tim Withey also invites people to connect with him by mobile 705-783-3289 or email

“I believe that my long-standing participation in municipal politics, my local volunteer history, first hand business experience and formal education have equipped me for this role as Mayor of Huntsville,” said Withey.  “Huntsville is our home – all of ours – and I remain dedicated to serving this community, to preserve its greatness for generations to come.”


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