Looking For Some Bunny To Love? The Ontario SPCA Seeks Homes For 50 Rabbits


The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is hosting a Rabbit Adoption Week to celebrate these hoppy little friends and to find homes for the 50 rabbits in its care across the province.

Rabbit Adoption Week kicks off today and culminates with International Rabbit Day, which takes place on Saturday, Sept. 25. The Society’s goal is to find loving forever homes for as many rabbits as possible. The rabbits – from min-lops to Lionheads, and everything in between – are currently being cared for at Ontario SPCA animal centres and in foster homes across the province.

Bunnies make amazing companions. These furry friends are quiet, they have distinct personalities and they bond closely with their adopters. Rabbits not only love to play, but they’re also smart and can be easily trained. Many rabbits are litter trained, and some rabbit parents have even taught their rabbits tricks, or how to navigate obstacle courses.

“Like any animal, rabbits can bring much love and joy into the life of their adopter,” says Tracy McElman, Provincial Manager Community Programming & Animal Centre Services, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. “If you have been thinking of welcoming a furry friend to your family and are prepared for the lifetime commitment of caring for a rabbit, there are many adorable bunnies who would love to join your family.”

The adoption fee for a rabbit is $130 and includes spaying/neutering.

To meet rabbits available for adoption, or to donate toward their cost of care, visit ontariospca.ca


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