Looking For Public Transit Routes In Muskoka? There’s An App For That!


The District Municipality of Muskoka is excited to launch Muskoka Transit, a new public transit application (app) now available on the Muskoka GeoHub.

The Muskoka Transit app allows residents to plan their trips within and beyond Muskoka by viewing routes of Muskoka transit services all in one interactive map.

Mapped routes include the Corridor 11 Bus, the Rural and Community Connection Service, the Bracebridge Transit – Ride the WaveHuntsville Transit and connections to the Simcoe County LINX.

The app also includes details such as bus stop locations and schedules, photos of the service vehicles, and links to learn more about the transit services. Residents can also access a variety of tools within the GeoHub application, including the print function (to print your own map), the address search (to locate a destination or view directions), draw tools and more!

Learn how you can explore Muskoka north to south, east and west or connect to communities beyond by visiting the Muskoka Transit app on Muskoka GeoHub at https://map.muskoka.on.ca/. You can also learn more about Muskoka’s transit services by visiting www.muskoka.on.ca/communitytransit.

The District Would Like to Hear From You!

If you have feedback about the Muskoka Transit mapping application, they’d like to hear from you! You can connect with the District’s Geomatics Information Systems (GIS) Team by email at gisinfo@muskoka.on.ca to share your input.

If you have questions or feedback on any of the District’s community transit services, please contact Sydney Piatkowski, Transportation Network Coordinator at 705-645-2100 ext. 4419 or by email at Sydney.Piatkowski@muskoka.on.ca.


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