Learn About Town Of Huntsville Services During Local Government Week


In recognition of Local Government Week from October 15 to 21, 2023, the Town of Huntsville is highlighting some of the important municipal services and projects that have a large community impact. Throughout the week, the Town of Huntsville will be sharing educational videos on the Town’s social media to help educate the community on key topics.

Different levels of government provide different services to their residents and communities. Knowing what services local government provides can help the community know how and when to engage with the Town of Huntsville.

“Our Town staff work hard to ensure the service levels established by Council are carried out in the most effective, efficient way possible, providing our community with the services they need and the programming they love. Working with Council, our team is committed to continually meet the needs of our growing community through continuous improvement and innovation to provide superior services within our community” shares Denise Corry, Chief Administrative Officer at the Town of Huntsville.

Local government has many roles including taking care of necessities like roads, to creating diverse arts, culture, and tourism experiences, to finding innovative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. While all services are important and impact the community, the Town of Huntsville would like to highlight three topics for residents to learn about: winter road operations, emergency preparedness, and the new Strategic Plan.

With cold weather just around the corner, the Winter Road Operations video shares how the Town prioritizes roads for snow removal and knowledge on how the Town prepares proactively for winter maintenance.

Huntsville is fortunate to be surrounded by nature with many residents living in rural settings. This also means the community is susceptible to feeling the effects of significant weather events and climate change. The Emergency Preparedness video outlines how the Town of Huntsville takes action during significant weather events and what residents can do to get prepared.

The Town of Huntsville is currently developing a Draft Strategic Plan based on community engagement and resident feedback. Once finalized, the Strategic Plan will set priorities and guide Town staff and council for years to come. With such a large impact on the municipality, the new Strategic Plan video provides the community with an update and a glimpse into where the project is headed.

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