Hydro One Invests $5M To Strengthen Power System And Future Growth In Perry Township


Hydro One announced it has invested $5 million to strengthen the local distribution infrastructure and support future growth in the Township of Perry. The company recently rebuilt its Emsdale Distribution Station to improve reliability and resiliency while also increasing capacity to support future growth in the community as part of its investment plan to renew and replace aging infrastructure in the province. The previous station served the area for more than 45 years.

“We are investing in building and renewing infrastructure to support local businesses, residents and the economy now and in the future,” said David Lebeter, Chief Operating Officer, Hydro One. “Residents and businesses in the Township of Perry depend on us and we are proud to continue energizing life in the community with the completion of our new distribution station.”

“Hydro One’s investment in our Township shows the company’s commitment to energizing life in our communities,” said Mayor Norm Hofstetter, Township of Perry. “Our Township continues to grow and prosper with assurance that we have safe and reliable power thanks to the new station in Emsdale.”

As Hydro One invests in its system, it is also installing technology to better manage the local electricity network and improve reliability for customers such as remotely operated equipment installed outside the station to help restore power faster during an outage. Hydro One built the new station next to where the former station was located on Deer Lake Road.


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