Huntsville Couple Makes List Of Airbnb’s Most Hospitable Hosts Across Canada

David and Wendy, the most hospitable Hosts in Ontario

Canadians are known for their kindness, so it comes as no surprise that Airbnb Hosts from coast-to coast-to coast are also exceptionally hospitable. That hospitality is on full display as Canadian Hosts make it possible for travellers from near and far to explore the Great White North, including places that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible if not for putting their spaces on Airbnb.

Host hospitality can take many forms — a spotless listing, a quick response to a guest need, a seamless and straightforward check-in process that makes kicking off a vacation easy, and going above and beyond to prioritize health and safety. With those qualities in mind, we set out to identify pinnacle Hosts when it comes to hospitality in each of the Canadian provinces and territories.

To identify the most hospitable amongst tenured Hosts in Canada for the 2023 list, we again set a high bar. Here are our criteria:

  1. Hosts had to have achieved nearly 100% 5-star ratings in the following categories: Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication.
  2. To raise the bar even further, we set the minimum number of reviews at 100, excluding the Canadian territories.
  3. Many provinces and territories also had more than one Host who achieved this incredible standard in all three categories. To narrow it down to the “most hospitable” Host with more than one qualifying Host, the tiebreaker went to whomever had the greatest number of reviews.

Superb Hosts have always been what sets staying in Airbnb apart from other travel experiences and it starts with the hospitality they provide their guests. Here’s a closer look at what that hospitality looks like from a data perspective:


  • Collectively, the 2023 most hospitable hosts in Canada have over 2,000 5-star reviews across the three categories.
  • Kat from the appropriately named Pleasant Valley, Nova Scotia, achieved a 100% standard with 249 reviews, the most of any Host in Canada, making her the most hospitable Hosts in the country!
  • Lisa, from Giroux, Manitoba, and David & Wendy from Hunstville, Ontario all achieved the recognition for a second time, after being announced as the most hospitable host in 2021.
  • Nearly half of the Hosts live on the property where they host.
  • 66% of Most Hospitable Hosts in Canada self-reported as women.

On why they started hosting:

“When we moved to The Farm on Old North Road, in Huntsville six years ago, we recognized that it would be a perfect B&B. We registered with Airbnb September 1, 2017 and welcomed our first guests two weeks later – and we’ve never looked back. We now have friends from all around the world.” – David and Wendy, the most hospitable Hosts in Ontario


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