OPP Marine Unit Members Still Finding Boaters Without Lifejackets After the Labour Day Weekend


Continued patrol of North Simcoe waterways after the Labour Day weekend by members of the Marine Unit attached to the Southern Georgian Bay OPP Detachment resulted in six operators being ticketed for failing to have sufficient lifejackets despite efforts to raise the awareness of late of the importance of that most important piece of lifesaving equipment.

Officers checked thirty-five vessels and operators during their thirty-four hours of patrol between September 8-12, 2023. Three operators were ticketed for other violations contrary to the Canada Shipping Act and another for a liquor violation. Officers also educated twenty-three others for violations contrary to the Canada Shipping Act.

Officers administered six tests to vessel operators who had been drinking using the roadside screening device which resulted in pass results although another operator was not so lucky in Penetang Bay. On September 10, 2023, after investigation, a 58 year old Tiny Township resident was charged with Impaired Operation of a Vessel while impaired and other investigation related offences.

The Safe and Sober Awareness Committee of North Simcoe in partnership with the OPP ask that all operators and drivers make the right decision when getting behind the wheel to have a designated driver or safe ride home. https://twitter.com/OPP_CR/status/1696936694094647440

The popular “I Got Caught Wearing My Lifejacket Program” continues, thanks to the generous support of Maple Leaf Marina’s in partnership with Graffiti Art, rewarding youth who are “caught” by marine officers wearing their lifejackets. – see attached supplied photographs

If you have boating equipment or navigation questions please go to the following site for further information – https://tc.canada.ca/en/marine-transportation/marine-safety/office-boating-safety?utm_campaign=tc-boating-safety-ongoing&utm_medium=vurl&utm_source=tc-gc-ca-boatingsafety

The following YouTube video from the Canadian Safe Boating Council https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeP0DHImJdc will demonstrate why having the proper safety equipment could save your life especially in cooler water temperatures.

Remember, if you see a possible impaired operator “Make the Call” and dial 911 and help prevent a marine tragedy. (See submitted graphics)


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