Group Of Concerned Constituents Braved Smoke To Bring Message To MP Scott Aitchison


Submitted By Climate Action Muskoka

A group of concerned Parry Sound-Muskoka constituents braved the heavy smoke Wednesday, June 28 to bring a message to MP Scott Aitchison in Huntsville as part of the National Day of Action “Canada is Burning”.

“The air quality has been among the worst in the world at times this summer, which is a new experience for those of us who live in ‘God’s country’” said Christine Lauffer of Almaguin Climate Action (ACA).  “It not only affects our health but will affect the tourist economy. We all know that time is running out to stop the climate crisis.”

Although Aitchison was unable to meet with the group at that time, staff invited them in to speak of their concerns and to deliver a letter they had written to Aitchison. Staff suggested a meeting be set up with Aitchison while he is home in the riding.

The group called upon the MP to lay aside party politics and to work with whoever is willing to work on the following:

Immediately end subsidies to fossil fuels companies, set hard caps for oil and gas emissions, refuse new projects, and do not allow any more industry influence over our politics.

Enact a Just Transition with strict timelines: Urgently shift us to 100% renewable energy while generating millions of unionized jobs, following Indigenous leadership, and rapidly decarbonize in line with climate science.


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