Gravenhurst Launches New Scavenger Hunt To Increase Activity And To Discover Community


Through the Recreation Division, and partnered with the Town’s Economic Development, Marketing and Tourism Division, the Discover Gravenhurst Scavenger Hunt was created to increase safe contact activity in beautiful Gravenhurst while having fun and exploring. The hunt, which is now underway, features two different levels of clues and a $100 prize for those who take the time to find and collect letters!

Hidden around town are blue or green letters which spell out “Gravenhurst” and at each location a small punch located near the colour of letter. The concept is to find the large letter and then stamp your passport with the goal to spell out a word. Once you have all the letters you can drop your passport off at the Town Hall drop box or complete an online passport to be entered into the draw.

Passports can be downloaded at or picked up at the Gravenhurst Library. On the card, you’ll see where you need to punch out the letters. When you complete the hunt and find all the letters, you can enter your card to win a prize at the end. This hunt continues until Wednesday, September 1st, at which the letters will be re-hidden for another round of searching and prizes!

When you visit, you can choose the Discover Hunt or the Adventurers Hunt option.

The Discover clues will lead you to the green letters and will provide a rough location of the letter’s location. Follow the clues to find the letter and punch! This hunt is accessibly designed for people of all ages and physical abilities.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, then try the Adventurers Hunt (blue letters). These clues will help you find the hidden location for the chance to find a new letter. “There are some overlapping areas, but they are not all the same! In the first week of the hunt, we have noticed that some of the little punches may be hard to find or have been unfortunately removed,” said Amy Taylor, Tourism Destination Coordinator.  “If you arrive at a location and cannot find a punch, there are a couple of options – you can either punch out the letter with a pen or take a pic and send it in,” explained Taylor. “Unfortunately, it was expected that some tampering might occur, but we hope that everyone will work towards making this an enjoyable experience for all.”

Spoiler Alert – there is no blue ‘S’. So take a pic of the green one and it will still qualify you to win! When you find the green ‘S’, you will understand why! All the information you need to participate can be found online For the clues, passports, and to submit your photos, visit

For more information or if you have questions, please

Good luck and get searching!


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