Gravenhurst Council Approves Settlement Allowing Starboard Proposal To Move Forward


Gravenhurst council members have approved a settlement agreement that will allow the Starboard development proposal to proceed, subject to final approval of the agreement by the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Council approved what’s called a ‘minutes of settlement’ document at its meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Spearheaded by the Rosseau Development Corporation, the Starboard development is slated for privately held land off Cherokee Lane in the Muskoka Wharf area.

“This proposal will result in mixed-use development in our serviced settlement area,” Mayor Heidi Lorenz said. “In our Official Plan, the land has been identified for intensification and growth for several years, and this was reiterated in our recent Wharf Revitalization Plan. This project will round out the existing development in the area and will contribute to the overall economic health of our community.”

The project will involve the construction of an urban serviced condominium building, commercial space, two boathouses, and various outdoor amenities, including a boardwalk.


As required by the provisions of the Planning Act, the development application went through an extensive public consultation process prior to council’s deliberations. These formal and informal consultations identified a number of questions and concerns, ultimately resulting in several adjustments to the proposal.

In August 2023, council considered an official plan amendment and a zoning bylaw amendment related to the amended proposal. The proposal was defeated by council and subsequently appealed by the applicant.

Based on a variety of considerations (e.g. legal advice, financial implications, policy compliance), council agreed to enter into a settlement agreement with the developer that would allow the project to proceed as previously amended.

Next steps 

The minutes of settlement require final approval by the Ontario Land Tribunal, and unless another party takes on the appeal, the project can then move forward.

The project would be subject to the town’s site plan approval process that contains environmental, traffic, stormwater, and other requirements, as well as legislated building permit processes and related inspections.



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