Fairvern Nursing Home Redevelopment Update


Following the Province’s commitment to fund additional beds last fall, work to redevelop the Fairvern Nursing Home in Huntsville into a 160-bed long-term care facility is well underway.

Planning and Design Work

  • Planning and design work to accommodate the larger resident home is underway, including consideration of alternative site locations to ensure the future site can meet the expanded needs in the most cost-effective manner.
  • A proposed donated site location on Earl’s Road was considered.
  • Following careful consideration, Council voted not to proceed with the proposed donated site on Earl’s Road, due to challenges with servicing and coordination of the development in comparison to other properties available for the project.
  • District Council, the Town of Huntsville, and the Fairvern Board of Directors thank Mr. Dube and his family for their generous proposal to donate land for this redevelopment and ongoing support for their community.
  • Two alternative site options located in Huntsville are currently being assessed, with an announcement expected in September.
  • Once a site is selected, the next steps in the development of the property may include planning approvals (such as a site plan agreement) as well as the update of supporting studies to assess matters like traffic impacts, site servicing and protection of the natural environment.
  • It is expected that the tender for construction will take place next fall with construction starting in 2023 and completion in 2025.

Current Fairvern Operations

  • The District and the current Fairvern Board of Directors continue to work together to transition operations of the home from Fairvern’s Board of Directors to the District.
  • Tarek Moharram joined the Fairvern Team as a full-time Administrator earlier this year, under secondment from the District of Muskoka.  Tarek’s experience in LTC will be a great asset to guide the transition of operations to the District.
  • District Council has also approved a loan to Fairvern so that necessary replacement of heating equipment and emergency generator can be done ahead of the upcoming heating season.
  • Leaders and staff at the District and Fairvern are committed to ensuring the best possible quality of care for residents at the current site until redevelopment is complete.

Next Steps

  • Regular communications with Fairvern residents, their families, staff, and the community as the transition of operations and redevelopment work continues.
  • Redevelopment updates and community outreach will continue as the project moves into construction phases.

Visit the Long-Term Care page for more information and previous updates.


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