Early Morning Fire On Brackenrig Road In Muskoka Lakes

Just before o1 a.m. on Friday morning, fire crews were called to a reported structure fire on Brackenrig Road.
Firefighters from Port Carling, Milford Bay and Windermere were dispatched to a one and half storey home with an exterior wall on fire.
Crews found a wall and wood decking on fire at the rear entrance. The fire spread was delayed by the occupants fighting the fire with pails of water and an extinguisher.
The fire was fully extinguished by firefighters using a single handline. Crews spent the next hour ensuring all the burned material was removed and exhausting smoke in the structure.
The cause of the fire was due to improperly discarded ashes from a wood stove.
No injuries to firefighters or civilians occurred.
Both occupants are back in the home. Damage estimate is under $30,000. Fast action by the occupants in calling 911, using the extinguisher are credited with this save.
There were no injuries reported.




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