Donate Aeroplan Points To Help Sick Children Travel By Air For Essential Medical Care


Your donations will go a long way in helping many kids across Canada fly for essential medical appointments. This year’s campaign continues the tradition of helping children reach medical care not available in their local community. In 2021, the Aeroplan Points Matching Week supported 337 flights, or nearly one child per day.

“Your generosity, year after year, truly makes a difference in the lives of children and their families. Through the precious contribution of Aeroplan and its members we’ve been able to reduce costs or travel times associated with receiving medical treatments that can be thousands of kilometres away by connecting hospitals and sick children,” said Valérie Durand, spokesperson for the Air Canada Foundation. “We are grateful to Aeroplan Members for their donations, which relieve a burden and ultimately allow parents to focus on their children during difficult times.”

Until October 9, members who donate Aeroplan points to the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program will double the impact of their contribution as the value of the points donated will be matched, up to 500,000 points, by Aeroplan. Through the generosity of Aeroplan Members, the Air Canada Foundation donates Aeroplan points to 15 paediatric hospitals across Canada every year to help children reach the medical care they need away from home.

“Over the past decade, the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation program has been an invaluable partner for children’s health.  They have contributed to the cause of children’s health in so many ways. Their ongoing support helps children and their families access much needed medical care far away from home,” said Mark Hierlihy, President and CEO of Canada Children’s Hospital Foundations.  “The impacts of this program have been overwhelming.  All children should have the right to medical care, and increasing access makes this possible, getting kids back to being kids again.”

Since the introduction of the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program in 2003, sick children, accompanied by a parent, have been able to obtain the medical care needed away from home. Driving long hours can be strenuous for both the child and the parent, especially when several visits to the hospital are required each month or when treatments last several months. Travelling by air helps families avoid tiring hours on the road and alleviates some of the financial burden of travel expenses, which can cause serious economic and emotional hardship to families. For more information on the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program and its impact, visit


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