Despite The Weather OPP Marine Officers Patrolling Area Waterways


Despite the cooler, wet weather of late, marine officers from the Southern Georgian Bay OPP have been busy checking vessels and operators for equipment and signs of impairment on area waterways.

Officers plied the waterways for over 57 hours on OPP patrol vessels checking 67 vessels and their occupants resulting in 11 operators being educated for minor violations of the Canada Shipping Act. Two other operators were not so lucky, one receiving an offence notice for not having sufficient lifejackets, the other for a liquor violation.

On the lighter side, officers rewarded some young mariners for wearing their lifejackets when checked by the officers by being provided with “I Got Caught Wearing My Lifejacket” Tee shirts, see the attached photograph.

The “I Got Caught Wearing My Lifejacket” water safety program has been in place on OPP patrolled waterways for many years and enjoys great success in educating young mariners the value in having and wearing your lifejacket while on the water.

Officers responded to 11 calls for service during the June 3-11, 2024 time frame some of note as follows.

  • Two persons wearing lifejackets were assisted on June 8, 2024 after their canoe overturned in the Trent Severn Waterway.
  • A report on June 5, 2024 of a cottager with a firearm in Palicaid Bay, Georgian Bay Township shooting at waterfowl caused OPP marine officers to assist Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) officers with their investigation.


Please view the following link for an interesting look at why wearing a lifejacket can make the difference and the effects of cold water on your body should you go over board – The Shock Factor or view the attached CBSC Lifejacket poster with QR code.

For interactive boating information with equipment requirements at your fingertips we suggest viewing the following marine safety information site – Better Boater – Become a Better Boater Today.

If you see a possible impaired operator “Make the Call” and dial 911 and help prevent a marine tragedy.


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