Club House Shares Official Results Of The Great Canadian Thanksgiving Debate


Together with Sarah Pavan, the brand unveils Thanksgiving food and language preferences in Canada

Winner, winner turkey dinner! Leading up to the holidays, Club House asked food lovers to vote on long-disputed Thanksgiving food and language preferences. In partnership with Ontario native Sarah Pavan, Beach Volleyball Olympian and World Champion, Club House uncovered which versions of classic seasonal dishes, terms, and habits win Canadian’s hearts and minds.

Three quarters of Canadians will be celebrating Thanksgiving this season, and they’ll likely be doing it over a mixed plate of smooth mashed potatoes and stuffing with sausage, according to the Club House-commissioned survey. The top results of The Great Canadian Thanksgiving Debate are as follows*:

  • Stewed Whole Cranberry Sauce (55%) vs. Canned
  • Butter Tarts with Raisins (59%) vs. without Raisins
  • Turkey Sandwich without Cranberry (53%) vs. with Cranberry
  • Smooth Mashed Potatoes (84%) vs. Lumpy
  • White Turkey Meat (60%) vs. Dark Meat
  • Thanksgiving Dishes Mixed on the Plate (68%) vs. Separate
  • Thanksgiving Meal (70%) vs. Leftovers

Close Races:

  • Butter Tarts with Raisins won by just 18 percentage points over Butter Tarts without Raisins.
  • Stewed Whole Cranberry Sauce won by just 10 percentage points over Cranberry Jelly.
  • Turkey Sandwiches without Cranberry won by just 6 percentage points over Sandwiches with Cranberry.

Clear Winners:

  • Nearly three quarters of Canadians (74 per cent) use the term “Stuffing” over “Dressing.”
  • Canadians greatly prefer Smooth Mashed Potatoes (84 per cent) over Lumpy.
  • Brown sugar with yams/sweet potatoes are preferred (79 per cent) over marshmallows.

Provincial Results:

  • Alberta and the Atlantic provinces love cranberry jelly! They were the provinces in which most people who like cranberry sauce said they preferred jellied to whole stewed.
  • Only in British Columbia (55 per cent) do Canadians prefer Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry.
  • White Meat Turkey in preferred everywhere except Alberta where most prefer dark (52%).

Country-Wide Results:

  • Across all Canadian provinces, stuffing/dressing with sausage is preferred over nuts.
  • Canada is also unanimous on the winning combo of Butter Tarts with Raisins.
  • Canadians prefer to mix Thanksgiving dishes on the plate versus enjoying them separately.
  • Most Canadians (58 per cent) said Turkey is the “Quintessential Canadian Thanksgiving Meal.”

As part of this campaign, Club House contributed 4,000 meals** to Food Banks Canada in honour of the first 2,000 Canadians who voted in the Great Club House Thanksgiving Debate. This contribution, which expands a partnership with Food Banks Canada that began in 2015, addresses food insecurity in Canada by supporting 4,750 food banks and agencies from coast to coast to coast.

For comprehensive results, visit There, visitors can find signature recipes for contested dishes and more information about the Great Canadian Thanksgiving Debate, also available on the Club House Flavour Maker App, free on iOS and Android. Fans can join the fun on social media by following @ClubHouseSpices on Facebook and @ClubHouseCanada on Instagram.


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