Candidate Nominations Have Closed


Candidate nominations for the June 2 election have closed, and a full list of candidates for each electoral district is now available at

A total of 900 candidates and 25 parties are running in this election. In 2018, there were 825 candidates and 28 parties on the ballot. This represents a 9% increase in the number of candidates and a 10.7% decrease in the number of parties participating.

Starting today, voter information cards will be on their way to those on the voters list. While voter information cards are not required to vote, voters can still confirm, update, or add their information to the list until May 23 on our website to make their voting experience faster and easier at the polls. Voters can also access a scannable version of their voter information card when they create an account on the Elections Ontario app.

“We continue to modernize elections in Ontario to make voting easy. Voters can take advantage of the many voting options available and choose the one that works best for them. I encourage Ontarians to download the Elections Ontario app, where they can get a list of candidates for their electoral district.”

–     Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario


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