Camping Calamities? Scouts Canada Has You Covered With A Clever Call-In Line


Scouts Canada (the country’s leading co-ed youth organization), is ‘going to the phones’ to help camping clueless Canadians navigate common camping calamities. Starting today, expert advice on top camping conundrums will be available for free, 24/7, when calling Scouts Canada’s ‘Camptastic’ Helpline at 1-844-SCOUT101 or 1-844-SCOUT10 (dropping the second 1) for Bell Canada users.

Why a call-in phone line?

While Scouts Canada is all about ‘being prepared’ and planning ahead to anticipate challenges, this call-in line is designed for campers who are caught in a pinch, already at campsites and struggling with common camping concerns.

What happens when I call in?

Confused Canadian campers will be able to call in, use simple number selections, and be directed to pre-recorded solutions from real Scouts and volunteer Scouters to get advice for real-time campsite concerns, like wildlife encounters or ‘how do I go to the bathroom outdoors.’

How else can Scouts help me?

In addition to the 1-844-SCOUT101 helpline, Canadians who have internet access on-site or while preparing for their trip, who may be less confident with their camping skills, can access helpful resources, guides and videos at They will find helpful tips and guides like: The BEARmuda Triangle (how to avoid attracting unwanted wildlife), BUG OFF! (how to avoid getting eaten alive), and Don’t be a CRAPPY CAMPER (your outdoor options for bathroom breaks).

“The great Canadian outdoors are calling this summer camping season, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is 100% ready to take the call,” said Kaelem Moniz, a youth volunteer of eight years with Scouts Canada. “The Camptastic Helpline is all about giving Canadians 24/7 Camping confidence on call to get out in the wild with wonder, not worry.”

Are Canadians competent campers? …‘Kinda’

In preparation for the 2024 camping season, Scouts Canada also surveyed 1,000 random Canadians on their current command of camping.

Key results from the survey:

  1. ‘Number 2’ with a view?
    The Majority of Canadians (82.5%), are ok going to the bathroom outdoors, 43.3% say ‘it’s part of the experience and 39.2% say ‘they don’t like it but when nature calls …’ A further 10.8% say ‘they can do outhouses – but draw the line at that.’ Only 6.4% call it a ‘dealbreaker.’
  2. Cool with a cathole?
    Nearly half of Canadians 47.7% say that they would use a cat hole (dig a hole to use the washroom outdoors) but a combined 40.8% would not and say they would ‘basically do anything to avoid using a cat hole’ (11.6%), 10.6% would give up coffee for 2 days, 8.9% would use leaves instead of toilet paper instead of toilet paper, 7.4% would give up Netflix for two weeks, 6.3% would not use their phone for two days. 3.6% would sleep outside in the woods and 3% would ‘pet a wild squirrel’ if they didn’t have to use a cat hole.
  3. BEAR basics:
    Asked what they would do if they encountered a black bear in the woods, 31.3% of Canadians said they would ‘Act Loud and Weird (a reasonable strategy), and 2.5% would ‘intimidate with eye contact.’ However, a combined 54.2% would do the wrong thing such as 30% would (incorrectly) ‘play dead,’ 21.5% would ‘run’ (bad idea – you should slowly back away and maintain eye contact), 1.5%would ‘attack first’ (also not recommended.) Interestingly, .6% would ‘pretend to be a harmless baby cub,’ and .6% would sing ‘The Bear Necessities.’
  4. ‘BASIC’ in the bush?
    Asked which provinces people they thought were ‘basic in the bush,’ Canadians cited Ontario (36.7%) followed by BC (16.70%),Alberta (15%) and Quebec (12.1%). The least basic provinces were cited as New Brunswick (3.4%), PEI (3.5%), Newfoundland (3.7%) and Nova Scotia (4.2%).
  5. Canadians are (sorta) confident in camping skills:
    Asked how they would rate their personal camping competency, 45.7% of Canadians said ‘good,’ and 27.4% said ‘passible – I can glamp.’ 12.8% said ‘Meh’ at best, 10.1% said Excellent and 4% said ‘dangerous – I am my own worst camping enemy.’
  6. ‘Tents’ situation:
    Asked how long it would take them to set up a tent, 28.4% of Canadians confidently said ’10 minutes.’ 24.3% said 15 minutes, 14.2% said 20 minutes, 14.2% also said 30 minutes. 13.5% admitted it would take 45+ minutes and 5.4% said they have no idea.
  1. Camping coordinates:
    Asked where they would most like to camp this summer 38.2% said Ontario, followed by BC (19.2%), Alberta 13.9% and Quebec 11.3%. A combined 14.3% would like to camp in Atlantic Canada and 2.7% in Manitoba
  2. Battle of the Ryan’s
    Asked who they’d most like to hang around a campfire with, Canadians ranked Ryan Gosling #1, followed by Les Stroud #2, Margaret Atwood #3, Keanu Reeves #4 and Ryan Reynolds a distant #5.
  3. The Politics of Camping
    Asked which politician Canadians think would be ‘most likely to keep them alive and well in the wilderness,’ Canadians said Pierre Poilievre (32.1%) followed by Justin Trudeau (23.4%), Jagmeet Singh (19.4%), Elizabeth May (17.3%) and Yves-Francois Blanchet (7.8%).


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