CAA Urging Road Users To Keep Safety Top Of Mind As Daylight Saving Ends


Clocks turn back one hour on Sunday, November 6 which means fewer daylight hours and reduced visibility for both motorists and pedestrians. As we return to standard time, CAA South Central Ontario is reminding all road users to be mindful of the role they play in road safety.

What motorists can do to stay safe:

  1. Always look for pedestrians crossing the road. Be alert and attentive while driving and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, school crossings and crossovers.
  2. Mind your blind spots. Be aware of blind spots when making turns at intersections.
  3. Stay focused and vigilant behind the wheel. Put the phone away, reduce your speed and obey speed limits in residential neighbourhoods.
  4. Be cautious and considerate. Be alert around stopped transit vehicles and be courteous to pedestrians with different mobility needs that may require more time to cross.
  5. Use your lights. Motorists should use their full lighting system when it gets dark (lights should be on 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise) and in low visibility situations.

What pedestrians can do to stay safe:

  1. Remain on the sidewalk. Sidewalks give pedestrians a designated space to keep them safe. If no sidewalk is present, you should walk on the far-left side of the road.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings. Avoid distractions and be alert while crossing the street.
  3. Follow the flow. Follow signals and only cross at designated locations or crosswalks.
  4. Stop, look, and listen. Ensure all traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing the road. Always remember to look both ways before crossing.
  5. Be visible. Make eye contact with motorists before crossing—never assume that drivers can see you or know your intentions. Pedestrians should also wear bright or reflective clothing or accessories at night to help with visibility.


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