Busbud Shares 21 Routes Where Bus Travel Beats Flying

Busbud Shares Routes Where Bus Travel Beats Flying (CNW Group/Busbud)

Busbud, a global ground transportation booking platform, releases its findings of a comprehensive data analysis of popular routes across the U.S. and Canada when it is faster, cheaper, and more eco-friendly to take a bus than fly. The company shares 21 routes commonly traveled across regions in both countries that are popular for both vacation and business travel when flying is a popular choice among travellers. All routes are more convenient and eco-friendly alternatives to flying.

“Many travelers are likely unaware that taking the bus is often faster than taking a short-haul flight in addition to being cheaper,” says Christine Petersen, CEO of Busbud.com. “Beyond time and savings, bus travel also offers a way to reduce your carbon footprint while still satisfying your wanderlust.”

According to the EPA, the transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gasses in the U.S., particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), the most common greenhouse gas. Transportation makes up 29% of emissions in the U.S.* Air travel has long been the preferred method of transportation despite its impact on carbon emissions.

Taking the Bus Often Saves More Than An Hour in Time:

  • Many popular routes will save more than an hour in time when traveling by bus. This includes routes such as Seattle to VancouverOttawa to MontrealCalgary to EdmontonAustin to Houston, LA to San DiegoPhoenix to Tucson, and Asheville to Charlotte.
  • Travelers will save more than a third of their time if they travel by bus from Seattle to Vancouver.

Avoids Crowds at the Busiest Airports:

  • In the U.S., the DallasDenverChicagoLos Angeles, and Orlando airports rank among the busiest airports. Therefore alternatively traveling by bus is faster and cheaper on routes like Dallas to AustinDenver to Colorado SpringsChicago to IndianapolisLos Angeles to San Diego, and Miami to Orlando.
  • In CanadaVancouver and Montreal are among the busiest airports in the country. Travelers can avoid waiting in lines by taking the bus on routes like Seattle to Vancouver and Montreal to Quebec City.

Save More Than 90% On Popular Routes:

  • While airfare prices have risen significantly, traveling by bus can result in significant savings. Traveling by bus from Philadelphia to Washington DC saw the largest savings with a reduction of 95% of the total cost when compared to flying.
  • In the U.S., popular routes of Phoenix to TucsonLos Angeles to San Diego, and Asheville to Charlotte all had 90% savings when traveling by bus.
  • In Canada, traveling by bus from Ottawa to Montreal has a 90% savings compared to flying.
  • All bus routes had at least a 40% savings when compared to flying.

Positively Impact The Earth & Your Wallet:

  • According to Greentripper.com, traveling by bus reduces your carbon footprint by at least 80% on all highlighted popular routes. In the U.S., carbon emissions were reduced the most significantly on the routes from Phoenix to Tucson and Chicago to Indianapolis. In Canada, carbon emissions were reduced most significantly when traveling from Montreal to Quebec City.

Busbud has additional popular routes throughout the U.S. and Canada that are both faster and cheaper than flying on, highlighted in its blog. Featured are a diverse group of routes spanning both counties that are popular for both vacations and commuting. For more information on Busbud and how to book these popular travel routes, please visit: https://www.busbud.com/blog/trip-bus-travel-beats-flying/


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