Barrie Author’s New Book Gets International Attention – “A Perfect Antidote For These Distressing Times”


When Canadian author and transformational health coach Kristin Larsen appeared on Australian TV news this week,  between war correspondents and financial analysts, the producer agreed that Larsen’s message couldn’t be  more timely.

An antidote to the stress and anxiety that so many of us feel when we scroll through the news on our socials or flip through the channels on TV,  The Joy of Being –  Daily Moments of Becoming Present takes you away from all that, and brings you back to yourself.

Described as “a transformational journal perfect for our times,”  Joy Of Being is a value packed journal workbook that helps to “create introspection for presence, gratitude, inner leadership, self compassion, self love/self care, accountability, mindset and mindfulness, spirituality practice” over a period of 120 days.

This is accomplished through thought provoking journal prompts, daily quotes, pre and post day check- ins for insights and learning, weekly reflections, monthly reflections, with an abundant resource section of experiential exercises, and  knowledge to further   introspection, inner growth, and healing.

Larsen says, “Focus is placed on habit change accompanied with intentional commitment to follow through on what the individual feels is important for them to implement in their life, creating a pathway to wholeness, growth, healing, awakening and transformation.”

The book is the perfect tool for people who want  an attainable and manageable daily approach to their mindfulness wellness.

You should read this book if :

You are developing a greater self-awareness

You are in search of healing and coping techniques

You experience chronic anxiety, stress, or depression

You are searching for something greater or a deeper purpose

You are looking for relatable daily inspiration

You want attainable daily exercises to reaffirm intention to stay in the present.

You have the desire but not a lot of time to devote to daily or weekly intention.

Kristin Larsen is a transformational health coach who coaches in the area of heart centered living and inner leadership. The author of the new book Joy Of Being – Daily Moments of Becoming Present and co-author of Decision to Heal: Pathways From Suffering to Love, Larsen has been published in Preferred Magazine, appeared on Australia’s TIcker TV,  is a frequent guest on podcasts and has been quoted in media across North America.  Larsen is a globally recognized thought leader in the areas of mindset, mindfulness, self-compassion, and inner leadership.  Visit


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