741 Wildland Fires Were Confirmed In Ontario’s Fire Region Between April 1 And Oct. 31


From: Isabelle Chenard – Fire Information Officer

With October 31 marking the last official day of fire season, provincial outdoor burning regulations are no longer in effect.

A total of 741 wildland fires were confirmed in Ontario’s Fire Region between April 1 and October 31.

We thank all of our Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services team for their hard work and dedication this wildland fire season and continue to encourage members of the public to exercise caution during the off-season when having an outdoor fire. Residents within municipal boundaries should check with their local fire department for burning restrictions or permitting requirements.

We encourage the public to make efforts to FireSmart their homes and properties for spring by maintaining gutters and rooftops and keeping decks and yards clear of leaves and woody debris. For more FireSmart tips visit Ontario.ca/firesmart.

FireRanger Recruitment

November 1 marks the beginning of FireRanger recruitment for the 2024 fire season. Interested candidates can visit Ontario.ca/FireRanger for details on how to apply.

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