39 New Child Care Spaces Opening In Huntsville


District Expands Access to Affordable, High-Quality Child Care 

Muskoka remains dedicated to expanding access to high-quality and affordable child care for families through the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement (CWELCC).  

In line with the provincial framework, the District will create an additional 373 CWELCC spaces in Muskoka by the end of 2026 and is continuing to make significant progress in increasing capacity and bringing on new operators. 

Huntsville Welcomes Riverside Child Care Centre 

On March 18, 2024, Riverside Child Care Centre opened its doors at 20 Chaffey Township Road in Huntsville. The new centre is licensed for 15 toddlers and 24 preschool-aged children. These 39 new spaces are part of the CWELCC Directed Growth Strategy and help increase our capacity to deliver more affordable, high-quality licensed care in our community. 

Affordable, High-Quality Child Care  

The District has increased access to high-quality and affordable child care in Muskoka through the addition of 136 new licensed child care spaces since September 2023.

“These spaces at Huntsville Riverside Child Care Centre are the result of 4 years of dedication by the new operator to bring additional capacity of high quality licensed child care to Huntsville. As part of the District’s Directed Growth Strategy Huntsville has been identified as a priority community due to its lower access rate for licensed child care. An additional 103 centred based spaces are planned for Huntsville by December 31, 2026. With each space added we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to meeting the child care needs of Muskoka.” – Heather Elliott, Director, Human Services, District of Muskoka   

Join Us in Transforming Early Learning and Child Care 

The Muskoka Home Child Care Agency (MHCCA) is leading efforts to transform early learning and child care in our community.  

By becoming a licensed provider with MHCCA, you can actively contribute to the mission of providing high-quality, inclusive, and affordable child care. Work from home, be supported by a team and make a difference in our community. Learn more about MHCCA at www.muskoka.on.ca/mhcca  

For more information about licensed child care programs in Muskoka, visit www.muskoka.on.ca/licensedchildcare


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