With Sex Toys Flying Off The Shelf, Pink Cherry Donates Portion Of Profits To COVID-19 Charities


PinkCherry, a leading online store for sex toys, intimacy, and lingerie products, has seen a huge spike in sales; 248% in the US and 128% in Canada since the COVID-19 lockdown first began. With that Pink Cherry is pleased to help support food banks, technology for children and women’s shelters across North America.

With all the doom and gloom in the news and stay-at-home policies in effect, couples and singles are apparently having fun with sex.

The demand and sale of sex toys by couples indicate that society’s understanding and acceptance of sex has come a long way. Sexual health is no longer considered taboo in most parts of the world and, for the most part, the myths that surrounded it for hundreds of years have been put to rest. One of the most fundamental changes has been the interpretation of pleasure for women – from being seen as a blasphemy to being considered essential for a healthy sexual relationship.

Best Sellers for Couples Including Long Distance Relationships

There are some truly innovative toys out there for couples living apart. There are couples toys that sync to an app where the controller can remotely change the toy’s settings and vibrations from anywhere in the world. Some of these toys may also react to music and the wearers movements. The best seller in this category is the We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator.

Panty Vibes have always been quite popular as a foreplay toy. The wearer can have the toy on and their partner can control it via the remote from another room or floor in the house! The We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Clitoral Vibrator is a top seller in this category.

Under the bed restraints add that extra level of erotic play in the bedroom for couples. They easily fit and adjust to the mattress size and come with ankle and wrist restraints. Beneath the Sheets Premium Bed Restraints are popular for couples with all levels of bondage experience.

“This industry has continued to gain more mainstream acceptance and we are at the front of it by continually introducing new products. We carry more brands than any of our competitors, so we have something for everyone,” says Sandy Grguric, Director of Marketing at PinkCherry.


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