“Why We Serve: Stories Of Today’s RCMP Members” Celebrates RCMP 150th Anniversary


To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and highlight the dedication and professionalism of Members across the country and beyond, the National Police Federation today released a limited-edition, coffee table book titled “Why We Serve: Stories of Today’s RCMP Members”.

The book features 150 short stories directly from Members in communities across Canada on a variety of topics:

  • Realities of preventing, investigating, and solving real-life crimes across Canada and beyond
  • Youth empowerment, anti-drug and gang education, and promoting healthy and positive relationships with law enforcement
  • Mental health impacts from the unique stressors and trauma of policing, including in-depth stories about mental and physical health
  • On-duty injury and recovery
  • Specialized training and unique specialized positions within the RCMP (Police Service Dogs, Emergency Response Team, Community Outreach, Police Mental Outreach Teams, etc.)
  • Community service and local impact through various programs and initiatives

“These are the real stories of our Members, replicated every day thousands of times over, all across and beyond Canada,” said Brian Sauvé, President and CEO, National Police Federation. “Their stories provide a unique and too-often overlooked glimpse into the experiences and dedication of the approximately 20,000 Members we proudly represent here and internationally.”

In the highly criticized and scrutinized world of policing, Member successes are not often acknowledged or celebrated and yet – every day – Members take extraordinary and even heroic actions that never make headlines. Above all, these stories show police officers as real people, making a difference and why they serve.


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