Wellington Street North Trial Traffic Calming Improvement Project


The Town of Bracebridge is implementing a trial traffic calming improvement project on Wellington Street North from Tuesday, July 6, 2021 to Thursday, September 30, 2021. The intent of this closure is to reduce the amount of cut through traffic being generated and to provide traffic flows for residents in the area.

In 2020, Public Works Department staff completed a traffic study of the Wellington Street North corridor to review ongoing concerns with traffic movements related to speed, stop control disobedience, traffic volumes and truck traffic. The data collection took place over separate date ranges from June to November 2020 and through two (2) different electronic collection devices.

The review of the traffic data determined that the increased traffic flows on Wellington Street North were from cut through traffic, which can be defined as traffic that utilizes other roadways to bypass other roads, traffic congestion or as short cuts. The data shows a direct correlation between southbound traffic and volume during the day periods where the data was collected. These counts are significantly higher than correlating northbound traffic, concluding that the increased traffic flow is related to cut through traffic.

As a result, Town staff are initiating a trial traffic calming improvement project which will include the closing of the north end of Wellington Street North, eliminating southbound movements from Manitoba Street (Muskoka Road 4) and providing right-hand only exit turning movements from Wellington Street North. A visual representation of the set up and closure is attached in Appendix “A”. The closure will utilize traffic delineators at the intersection of Manitoba Street (Muskoka Road 4) and Wellington Street North to delineate traffic. Additional signage will be placed in advance of the closure to provide notice to the motoring public.

Staff will monitor the results of the traffic calming and continue to take input from citizens. Should the trial project be deemed successful in changing driver expectations and experience in a positive manner, without negatively impacting neighbouring local roadways, the closure will be made permanent.


  1. This has to be one of the worst ideas. I’ve been using this street since I first moved here and have never had a problem. The problem is we need turn lanes needed in both directions both on Manitoba and at the other end by the Rexal drug store (balls).widening of that corner just before Balls street..

  2. Would like to know when the report for Wellington Street North goes to Committee. It should not have been closed. People who bought on this road knew it was a through street. If people are speeding or driving through the stop sign complain to the OPP detachment commander. If the OPP doesn’t respond make a call to your District Councillor. It is the District that contracts the OPP to do our policing. The OPP can set up radar and sit on the stop sign. Traffic diverted from this area drove up Catherine or Glendale on roads not design or constructed to take this heavier volume. What’s next, is the town going to closed traffic on Hiram as well so it can’t be used as a shortcut from Manitoba to Taylor Rd.

  3. …hate to go against the common narrative/public response BUT… it was a good investigative act with impressive results/stats. It truly was a temporary inconvenience BUT…the positive lasting problem-solving effects needed.


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