[Video] Snowmobilers Trespassing On Private Property


The Orillia OPP have received complaints from farmers in the area regarding snowmobilers trespassing on private property which includes farmers’ fields.

Snowmobilers in the area are no doubt excited about the amount of snow accumulation we have had over the past few weeks. In the area the Orillia OPP polices, there are lots of lakes, trails and fields however, some of those fields are farm fields. Farm land is private land in which snowmobilers cannot access unless they request permission from the land owners first.

There are many issues with trespassing on farm land. Firstly, it is trespassing which is an offence, secondly it can damage the soil and lands below and lastly there are often times fences and other obstacles farmers put on their land to assist with farming duties which can be dangerous to snowmobilers.

Farmers work hard to make sure there is food for our grocery stores and other valuable commodities that we all take for granted, let’s make their lives easier by not trespassing.

Snowmobiling is a fun winter activity for the whole family or for enthusiasts who like thrills and excitement. Part of this fun is being safe and responsible. We all have a duty to be courteous while participating in our favourite activities.


  1. Great article! We have the snowmobile club cross our property. 100’s of them, cross every winter, no problem it is a trail. We give them permission to cross! It is good for the local economy! What the issue is people then think it is a trail come summer time. ATV, trucks, moto cross bikes! So really I can relate to the farmers situation. Private property is just that! Please respect people! You should know where you are going! Just saying!


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