Updated HealthSTATS Website Offers New User-Friendly And Interactive Experience

Image courtesy of SMDHU's FB page

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has updated its HealthSTATS website to offer interactive dashboards that provide users with a modern, efficient and dynamic way to view local health data and information.

Health status data is an important tool used by the health unit, local organizations, agencies and municipalities. The data can assist partners with their planning and decision-making by bringing essential information about the health and socio-demographic characteristics of the people of Simcoe Muskoka into one place and making it accessible and meaningful to a wide audience.

“Access to current and accurate health-related data that is analyzed in different ways, including by age, sex, income, geography and other factors, allows us to see what is occurring locally to guide the health unit’s work to promote health and prevent illness and injury in Simcoe Muskoka,” says Dr. Charles Gardner, SMDHU’s Medical Officer of Health. “Our updated HealthSTATS website provides more precise health information that gives all partners and users an opportunity to explore, better understand and use the data when they need it.”

Most data from the previous version of HealthSTATS is available on the updated site, allowing individuals to view health information on specific health topics from multiple data sources on a single interactive and user-friendly dashboard. These dashboards manage data, organize important information, and display data in different ways to help users understand what’s happening within the health topic, between populations, or even by different geographic regions.

For more information about HealthSTATS, visit www.smdhu.org/HealthSTATS.


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