Trek For Tourette Returns To Gull Lake Park In Gravenhurst On May 28


Tourette Canada is pleased to announce that the 15th Annual Trek for Tourette, Tourette Canada’s national fundraiser will be taking place on Sunday May 28, 2023 in Gravenhurst at Gull Lake Park.

The Muskoka TS Resource Unit is pleased to once again offer an in-person Trek for Tourette experience in Muskoka. The event will feature friends, families, and supporters of those with Tourette Syndrome walking through downtown Gravenhurst.

Tourette Canada urges Canadians of all ages to register and start raising funds today! Donations to Trek for Tourette enable Tourette Canada to provide critical information, support, education and impactful programs to the 1 in 100 Canadians living with Tourette Syndrome, their families and those who support them.

Traditionally, Trek for Tourette is a 5km walk that takes place in designated, accessible parks, trails or neighborhoods. With the virtual Trek option, “Trek Where You Live”, Canadians can participate from wherever they like. Virtual Trekkers are encouraged to invite their family members, neighbors and colleagues to register, raise funds and join them for a walk, run, bike ride or any other activity of their choice, on May 28.

Muskoka Trek for Tourette 2022

If you would like to participate, raise funds or donate to Tourette Canada, please visit Here you will find all the information you need about Trek for Tourette  locations, information on how to get started and tools to help you begin fundraising and/or make a donation.

The Muskoka TS Resource Unit holds support meetings when needed by community members. Check out our Facebook Page for details.

About Tourette Syndrome – Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by tics. It impacts 1 in every 100 Canadians. There is no known cure. Tics are involuntary motor movements or vocal sounds. Motor tics can be as simple as blinking or grunting or more complex such as stomping and spinning. Vocal tics can range from simple sounds like grunting to complex tics such as vocalizing entire sentences. Approximately 10% of people with Tourette Syndrome have Coprolalia which is a complex vocal tic that causes those affected to utter words or phrases that may be considered vulgar. Sadly, people living with Tourette Syndrome are often misunderstood, told to stop or even mocked. At Tourette Canada’s Trek for Tourette, we come together in solidarity to show support, increase awareness, dispel misconceptions, increase tolerance and raise much needed funds for impactful, Tourette Canada programs and services.

About Tourette Canada— Established in 1976, Tourette Canada is the only federally registered, charitable organization of volunteers assisting individuals and families affected by TS and its associated disorders in Canada. We are dedicated to creating awareness, support, and understanding through education, advocacy, and community outreach. Our vision is an empowered Tourette community in an inclusive Canada. Our programs and service offerings have changed and adapted to our community’s ever-changing needs over the years, but our core mission and values remain intact.

We currently offer year-round Virtual Support Groups for parents, adults and youth with Tourette Syndrome. We also provide critical information and a professional In-Service training program for educators, law enforcement and other professional organizations. This year, our plan is to launch educational workshops for a variety of audiences, expand our support services and enhance our advocacy initiatives.

Learn more about who we are and what we do for the community at


Press release provided by Muskoka Tourette


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