Township Of Ramara Announces 13th Annual Snowmanathon Contest

Photo courtesy of Township of Ramara's Facebook page

The Township of Ramara’s Recreation department invites individuals and families to participate in the 13th annual Snowmanathon.

The Township asks residents of Ramara to build a snow creation, from a snowman to a snowdog, and send a picture of their creative building skills to our recreation department before March 1, 2023.

“Over the last thirteen years, it is always exciting to see the creativity in the community and watching all ages participate in friendly competition,” statesMayor Clarke. “With every snowfall this year, it will be another chance for individuals and families to get out and enjoy some winter building fun.”

How to Participate

  1. Build a ‘Snow Creation’ with members of your household or individually.
  2. Send photos of your Snow Creation to until March 1, 2023.

Please note that all submitted entries agree that the Township of Ramara can share their picture and name publicly.

Voting and Prizes

After all the pictures are compiled, an expert judging panel will vote to award the winners. Winners of the contest will be acknowledged at a future Council meeting and made famous on our Social media platforms.


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