Township Of Georgian Bay Receives Prestigious Georgian Bay Métis Sash

The Township of Georgian Bay is humbled that they were presented with a beautiful Métis Sash on Sunday, October 1, 2023 at the Honey Bee Festival.

Georgian Bay Métis Council President, Greg Garratt and Chair Ron LePage surprised Mayor Koetsier with this honour following the pancake breakfast located at the newly renovated Rendezvous Park. This honour recognizes the Township’s commitment to promoting cultural diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration with the Métis community.

President Garratt stated, “Two years ago, The Township of Georgian Bay reached out to the Métis Council with a vision for a park, and today, we can proudly say that they were true to their word and meant every promise they made. Today, we stand here with a safe park dedicated to our members, a testament to the enduring bond we have forged. This park represents not just a place to play, but a symbol of unity, collaboration, and the shared commitment to building a stronger, more inclusive community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Township of Georgian Bay for their unwavering support, and we look forward to the countless opportunities this park will present.”

The Georgian Bay Métis Sash is a symbol of great significance, representing the rich heritage and traditions of the Métis people in the region. It is awarded to organizations and individuals who have made exceptional contributions to fostering unity, understanding, and cooperation between the Métis community and the broader community of Georgian Bay.

Mayor Koetsier expressed gratitude for this honor, stating, “We are deeply humbled to receive the Georgian Bay Métis Sash. It represents the strong bond we have forged with our Metis community members over the years. This recognition will further motivate us to continue working hand in hand to create a more inclusive and harmonious Township of Georgian Bay for all.”

The Sash presented was beautifully made in an array of colours that each have a meaning; green represents the fertility of the nation, red for the blood of the Métis that was shed, blue is for the depth of spirit, white is for the connection to God and our creator, yellow represents prosperity and black is for the dark period of the suppression and the dispossession of the Métis People.

The Township of Georgian Bay will showcase the sash in Council Chambers as a marker of the promise that is being made to all the Indigenous & Métis Communities.

If you would like more information regarding this topic please contact Jennifer Schnier, Director of Sustainability at 705-818-0323 or


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