The Township Of Georgian Bay Celebrates No Mow May


The Township of Georgian Bay is proud to announce the launch of its No Mow May campaign. After seeing success in the first couple of weeks and witnessing a peeking interest from residents they have now opened the program to inviting residents to join in protecting pollinators by pledging to leave their lawns uncut for the remainder of the month of May.

No Mow May is a global movement aimed at creating habitats for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and other insects crucial to our ecosystem. By refraining from mowing their lawns for just one month, residents can provide vital food sources and nesting habitats for these essential creatures.

As part of the campaign, residents can show their support by purchasing No Mow May lawn signs for $25 at the Township of Georgian Bay administration building. These signs not only raise awareness of the campaign but also serve as a visible symbol of the community’s commitment to protecting pollinators.

“We’re excited to see the impact that No Mow May has already had in the Township of Georgian Bay and encourage residents to take part in this simple yet impactful initiative,” said Mayor Peter Koetsier, of the Township of Georgian Bay. “Together, we can make a difference for pollinators and create a healthier environment for future generations.”

Residents interested in participating can visit the Township of Georgian Bay administration building to purchase their lawn signs and take the pledge to protect pollinators. The deadline to participate is May 31, 2024.


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