The Latest On What To Do With The Bala And Port Carling Arenas


On Wednesday May 15, Council received the Final Report for the Arena Feasibility Study. The Final Report documents all background information, the analysis of the site and building conditions, overview of the community needs, and a range of alternatives, with cost estimates, for consideration moving forward.

The Bala and Port Carling Arenas were constructed in the early 1970’s, and have many upcoming needs and known deficiencies, such as new floor slabs, low roof structures and structural upgrades. Further, the community’s recreational needs have evolved since the arenas were constructed. Common themes heard from the community included a desire for new amenities such as a walking track, dry space, gym, program rooms, pool as well as an ice pad.

Following the consultant’s review and analysis of the information generated from the building analysis and community’s needs, a range of alternatives for the provision of indoor recreation space complete with an estimate of the associated costs were developed. Several combinations and permutations for the provision of the indoor recreational services were evaluated, including:

  1. Rehabilitation of existing facilities;
  2. One arena/facility for the Township; or
  3. An arena in one community and a pool or dry space in the other community.

The next step will be to consider the Arena Feasibility Study’s findings, along with the recommendations of various Master Plans, through a Level of Service study project. It is through this study that Council will identify a future vision of service levels for roads, emergency and recreational amenities.

More information about the Level of Service Study and related community engagement opportunities will be provided in the coming months.


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