The CAO In Gravenhurst Is Retiring, Recruitment Efforts Begin


During Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Gravenhurst Council was informed of the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer’s, Glen Davies, intentions to retire on-or-about October 31st, 2021, and that recruitment efforts to find a new Chief Administrative Officer for the Town would begin effective immediately.

“I want to thank Glen for his guidance and leadership to our municipality over the last five years. This year especially has been an extremely challenging time in our history. Through Glen’s leadership, the Town has operated in a favourable position and we can rest assured that staff are providing the best level of service under his leadership. On behalf of all Council, I extend our best wishes to Glen and his wife Diana on the upcoming new chapter in their lives,” said Mayor Paul Kelly.

The role of the CAO is a key position responsible for strategic leadership, operations and administration of the Town of Gravenhurst. The CAO acts as a key advisor and liaison to Council and it is the one position in the municipality that is wholly accountable to Council as its single employee. Given the importance of hiring the right person in a very competitive job market, an executive search firm will be engaged to work with Council and Human Resources in the recruitment of a new CAO.

A search firm will assist Council with guidance throughout the recruitment process, will have the ability to promote this opportunity to a number of highly qualified candidates across Canada, and will have experience recruiting similar senior level executives. Based on past experience, a search firm would typically meet with all of Council to establish some understanding of the preferences for a candidate in terms of style, competencies, etc.

To ensure that the search is comprehensive, timely and secures a candidate that meets the profile that Council determines is needed for the position, Mayor Kelly has invited Councilor Lorenz and Councilor Murray along with the Manager of Human Resources to join in the selection of a search firm and to work with the selected search firm to develop a short list of candidates from which all of Council will participate in selecting the new CAO. Councillor Lorenz, Councillor Murray and Councillor Pilger were selected by Mayor Kelly as they have worked closely with him on the CAO performance evaluation process.

Quick Background- Glen Davies

  • Glen Davies began his position as CAO in October 2015, replacing then retiring CAO Dave Weldon.
  • Glen was previously the City Manager with the City of Regina.
  • He’s had a varied career in the municipal sector and private sector, having worked for a number of different sized municipalities in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • Glen is an accomplished municipal manager with 45 years of experience, including over 25 years as a CAO and senior manager.


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