Sudbury Resident Guilty For Unlawfully Hunting Moose During Closed Season


The Ontario government is safeguarding moose populations by ensuring hunters don’t hunt illegally.

Patrick Stillar of Sudbury pleaded guilty to unlawfully hunting moose during a closed season and fined $5,000. In addition, he is prohibited from hunting in Ontario for a period of two years.

Timothy Stillar of Sudbury and Gordon Ridsdill of Lively pleaded guilty to possessing a calf moose that was unlawfully killed and were each fined $2,500.

The court heard that on September 17, 2020, Patrick Stillar shot and killed a calf moose during the closed season near the town of Alban. He then called a friend, who was a member of local First Nation with harvesting rights to attend the site and claim the moose as if he had harvested it. Timothy Stillar and Gordon Ridsdill assisted in retrieval and dressing of the moose. OPP relayed information to conservation officers about a truck bed containing large amounts of blood. Conservation officers laid the charges following a lengthy investigation, which involved statements, canine detection, and a search warrant.

Justice of the Peace Diane Lafleur heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Sudbury, on March 13, 2023.

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