Student-Led Remembrance Day Event Held At Sundridge Centennial Public School

Students, veterans, and members of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 467 commemorate Remembrance Day at Sundridge Centennial Public School during a student-led event.

The Grades 7 and 8 students in Jamey Sollman’s class lead Remembrance Day events at Sundridge Centennial Public School to honour and show respect and admiration for those who sacrificed so much to protect our country.

Multiple projects and tasks to understand and teach the importance of honouring veterans have occurred this week, and in a community-wide display of respect and admiration for our veterans, students placed large student created poppies as memorial markers within the front gardens of the school.

The students prepared a virtual ceremony to be held for staff and students inside the school. They also arranged for every student in the school to plant a large plastic poppy outside the school. Students went outside in their cohorts to add their poppies to the garden. Members of the Sundridge Branch 467 Legion also attended to view the display.


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