Storm Rips Through Southern And Northeastern Ontario On Friday

2020 night storm in Washago

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A Colorado Low brought a variety of weather to much of southern and northeastern Ontario on Friday, October 23rd. Southern Ontario basked in temperatures more typical of summer, with several record high temperatures being set.

In addition to the warm and humid conditions, several supercell thunderstorms affected areas near Georgian Bay during the afternoon with numerous reports of large hail up to the size of golf balls.

Some of the communities affected include Orillia, Wyevale, Penetanguishene, Oro-Medonte, Waubaushene and Midhurst.

Over northeastern Ontario where temperatures remained in the single digits, a soaking rainfall occurred with many stations reporting in excess of 50 mm. Areas farther north from Wawa to Timmins were sufficiently cold to receive several centimetres of snow.

Summary of record high temperatures in degrees Celsius for Friday, October 23rd:

London Airport

New record of 23.1

Previous record of 22.8 from 1963

Records began in 1940


Sarnia Airport

New record of 24.7

Previous record of 23.1 from 1991

Records began in 1968



New record of 24.6

Previous record of 24.4 from 1920

Records began in 1914


Hamilton Airport

New record of 24.7

Previous record of 23.0 from 1991

Records began in 1960



New record of 26.6

Previous record of 25.0 from 1991

Records began in 1924



New record of 25.8

Previous record of 24.5 from 1991

Records began in 1872



New record of 24.2

Previous record of 22.7 from 1991

Records began in 1969



New record of 24.5

Previous record of 21.7 from 1975

Records began in 1935


Ottawa International Airport

New record of 24.8

Previous record of 24.6 from 1979

Records began in 1939

Summary of rainfall amounts in millimetres from Thursday, October 22nd to Friday , October 23rd:

Quirke Lake* 85.9

Shaw Dam Lake* 71.1

Cartier* 56.7

Lake Labitche* 53.7

Gore Bay 52.8

Massey* 50.0

North Bay Airport 48.4

Suez Crossing* 48.4

Twinkle Lake* 46.8

Beaver Lake* 46.4

Sudbury Airport 44.1

Burwash* 43.3

Nat* 43.1

Sault Ste. Marie Airport 42.6

* Denotes data from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Summary of snowfall amounts in centimetres from Friday, October 23rd:

Timmins 12 (estimated)

Chapleau 8 (estimated)

Lake Superior Provincial Park 8 (estimated)

Summary of thunderstorm related reports from Friday, October 23:

Penetanguishene: tennis ball size hail 
Wyevale: ping pong ball size hail 
Waubaushene: half dollar to ping pong ball size hail 
Orillia: half dollar to ping pong ball size hail 
Kilworthy: quarter size hail 
Victoria Harbour: quarter size hail 
Honeywood: nickel size hail 
Thornbury: trees and power poles down 
Near Baysville: trees down, unconfirmed reports of a tornado 
Muskoka Airport: 83 km/h wind gust 
Many areas in cottage country remain without power today from  yesterday's storms. 
Meteorologists are looking for more reports. To share your  
weather report, email, or tweet  @ECCCWeatherON or using #ONstorm.



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