Stop Work Order Issued On Two Lake Joseph Properties


Investigation into tree removal and site alteration occurring on an island located on Lake Joseph have resulted in Stop Work Orders issued on June 8, 2021 pursuant to the Township’s Site Alteration By-law and Tree Preservation By-law. The Township’s By-law  Department continues to investigate the matter and will provide further updates as they become  available.
If any further By-law contraventions are observed, the public is encouraged to submit a
complaint through the Township’s website. The public is however, reminded that if land owners  have open building and septic permits, work is permitted to continue in accordance with those permits.

“We all need to be respectful of our properties, protecting the natural environment and ensuring a natural vegetative buffer between cottages and the waters edge,” says Mayor Harding.

“Ignorance is not an excuse. If you are not 100% sure – call before you cut or dig!”
One of the levels of increased service approved by Township Council through its 2021 Budget is By-law Enforcement. The By-law Enforcement Department staff complement has been increased to three members, which now allows for extended hours of enforcement during the summer months.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is committed to helping owners achieve approval through
compliance with regulations. Building owners or occupants who have concerns or questions
regarding by-law compliance for a project are asked to contact the By-law Department at 705-765-3156.



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