Step Back In Time For A Delightful Evening Of Whodunit At The Historic Inn At The Falls


Nestled among the bank of Muskoka River, Bracebridge’s Inn at the Falls has long been a sanctuary for travellers seeking respite and charm. This idyllic setting has captured guests’ hearts for over a century, but its storied past holds a secret that few know. On select evenings, the Inn’s elegant dining room is transformed into a stage for an enchanting murder mystery dinner that combines history, suspense, and heartwarming cuisine.

Inn at the Falls first opened its doors in the early 19th century, providing intimate accommodations for weary travellers and adventurers alike.

At the heart of the Inn at the Falls’ murder mystery dinner experience is a nod to the very history that defines its character. Guests are welcomed into the opulent dining room, where they’ll find themselves immersed in a theatrical performance that weaves together elements of the Inn’s past with a suspenseful whodunit. The evening unfolds with each course as clues are revealed, motives are questioned, and the culprit is finally unmasked.

As the mystery unfolds, guests are treated to a delectable five-course meal crafted by Basilico’s talented culinary team. The menu is inspired by seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring an exquisite experience that rivals the captivating performance. With the soft lighting and the atmosphere of the nearby Falls providing the perfect backdrop, guests will delight in the magic of the evening.

The murder mystery dinner at Inn at the Falls is more than just a thrilling spectacle; it’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of the Inn’s history. As guests unravel the secrets of the night, they’ll find themselves drawn into a world of intrigue and charm that is quintessentially Inn at the Falls. By the end of the evening, they’ll have not only discovered the identity of the murderer but also forged unforgettable memories that will have them longing to return for another round of whodunit.

Inn at the Falls’ murder mystery dinner experience is a must-try for lovers of history, mystery, and casual fine dining. Reservations are required and can be made directly at

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a night of intrigue, culinary delights, and a fascinating journey through time.

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