South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team Leading The Way In Integrated Care 


A recent leadership survey of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) from across the province shows the South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team (SGB OHT) as leading the way in its ability to integrate care for patients in South Georgian Bay. The Organizing for Ontario Health Teams (OOHT) survey, conducted by the Health System Performance Network (HSPN), asked for input from all OHT leadership groups ranging from CEOs of organizations to patients, families or caregivers and measured the success factors that would help OHTs achieve their goal of integrated care and population health.

“When we’re thinking about integrated care, what we’re trying to accomplish is health and social care that is more connected to patients in our local communities,” says Dr. Harry O’Halloran, SGB OHT Co-Chair. “This survey was important because it shows us that we’re doing exceptionally well in South Georgian Bay. We have built a network of strong, collaborative relationships that enable us to come together in times of need and really ensure that we can provide the best possible health and social service care in our community.”

The results of the survey were broken down into the three cohorts of OHTs within the province (the SGB OHT is in cohort two). The survey measured factors that would enable the success of integrated care from a leadership perspective, including commitment to improvement, roles and responsibilities, leadership approach, and non-financial resources. The SGB OHT scored higher than the provincial average for cohort 2 (non hospital-led and small community/rural OHTs) and was in the top 10 per cent of all OHTs in this cohort for almost all areas measured.

“We have seen tremendous progress at the South Georgian Bay OHT. We have met with and know the honest engagement of patients and families,” said Dr. Walter Wodchis, Principal Investigator, Health System Performance Network. “It is clear from our OOHT survey that the leadership of the SGB OHT is progressing well to ensure that the OHT will have all of the supports and capabilities that are needed in order to successfully launch programs that meet the needs of the SGB population. We commend SGB OHT and hope to follow along with and support their continued success.”


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