SkipTheDishes And HEINZ Reveal Canada’s Top Trends For National French Fry Day

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Canadians placed more than 5 million orders with french fries last year on SkipTheDishes, and those fries were dipped into a whole lot of sauce. In celebration of National French Fry Day on July 13, Skip and HEINZ are sharing stats on exactly what Canadians dipped their fries in the most.

  • HEINZ Ketchup still reigns supreme with Canadians, with nearly 2.5 million different bottles sold in stores across Canada in the month of July alone last year!

  • On the Skip network ketchup was also a favourite, ordered alongside over 150,000 orders of fries last year, just behind mayo.

  • Ontario took the top spot in 2020, placing more than 730,000 orders of traditional french fries, with Alberta and BC rounding out the top three.

  • Sweet potato fries, aka yam fries, were ordered 70,000 times last year, with curly fries and waffle fries accounting for over 171,000 orders!

  • Don’t forget about our national treasure, poutine! This iconic comfort food was ordered over 3.4 million times on the Skip network last year alone

As the corporate chef for the Kraft Heinz Company and Kitchen 57 in Toronto, Chef Thomas Heitz is responsible for over 200 brands and product innovations. And with over 25 years of experience in hospitality and education, he knows a thing or two about what sauces work best with all those french fry varieties.

“Canadians have grown up with HEINZ Ketchup and we know it’s a household staple, but we love to play around with bold and daring flavors,” says Heitz. “Kitchen 57 is our test kitchen where we can connect directly with customers on Skip and try out some of our more adventurous sauces to keep up with evolving tastes and flavours.”

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all those sauces in your fridge, Chef Thomas is offering up his top pairings to explore on National French Fry Day:

  • When it comes to classic french fries, only the OG sauce will do—Chef Thomas recommends sticking with classic HEINZ Ketchup.

  • If you’re venturing beyond the classics we know and love with waffle or curly fries, Chef Thomas suggests one of HEINZs new Crowdsauced creations inspired by Canadians: Tarchup, Wasabioli, or Hanch.

  • Did you think we’d forget about poutine, Canada’s most famous french fry export known across the globe? Chef Thomas recommends giving it a twist by adding Mayoracha or Wasabioli for an Asian-style poutine instead of gravy.

Happy dipping!

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