Sandra Schmirler Foundation’s Life-Saving Donation To Soldiers’

Sandra Schmirler Foundation cheque presentation with Katy Rea, Director of Philanthropy, Soldiers’ Foundation; Laura Ferris, Program Manager, Obstetrics, OSMH; Craig Duff, Director, Sandra Schmirler Foundation; Brooke Mascotto, Quality Experience Lead, Paediatrics and NICU, OSMH.

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation continues to support Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital with their most recent donation of $17,400 towards the Soldiers’ Paediatric unit. The Sandra SchmirlerFoundation’s donation will help purchase a Halo BassiNest and six Air Oxygen Blenders, equipment crucial to the health and wellbeing of babies born at Soldiers’.

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation is named in memory of Hall of Fame Canadian Curler, Sandra Schmirler, who tragically lost her life to cancer in 2000. The Foundation works to ensure babies born prematurely have access to life-saving equipment, like Halo BassiNest and Air Oxygen Blenders. With access to the best equipment, babies born prematurely have the best chance to thrive and grow into champions of their own, all while keeping Sandra’s legacy alive.

Halo BassiNest are one of the most critical pieces of equipment when caring for high-risk newborns. In addition to displaying the baby’s vitals, the bed is an all-in-one medical center with the ability to warm and resuscitate Soldiers’ smallest patients in their time of need.

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation’s purchase of six Air Oxygen Blenders benefits high-risk babies at Soldiers’. Oxygen, though vital to human survival, must blend with other atmospheric gasses to be considered safe for inhalation, especially for newborns. Pure oxygen is toxic to the tissue of newborns and, if not handled correctly, can have devastating effects on a baby’s growth and development.

“We are thrilled to be able to support the Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Foundation once again,” said Craig Duff, Director with the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Board.  “All champions start small, and it is our pleasure to fund these important pieces of equipment to help families in Orillia and the Simcoe County region of Ontario.

The generosity of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation has steadily grown over the past seven years; as their commitment to the Soldiers’ Community grows, so does their impact. Donating a combined $112,000 since 2015, the Sandra Schmirler Foundation continues to aid in Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s goal to provide world-class healthcare at the community level.


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